Tuesday 3 May 2016

Janky LOTFP Monk


(we're talking fantasy-asian monks, but more focused on the physical than the mystic arts or such)

Dedication to Physical Perfection
HIT DICE - 1d6
Base Attack Bonus +1 (no progression)
Saves as Elf
XP as Fighter

Abilities -

Self Improvement - every 3 levels (1, 3, 6 etc) the Monk can improve a stat by one, as long as the new bonus is no more than 2 above the lowest.

Each round when the Monk attacks, he chooses a stance -
>Light; damage d4 but +3 AC (immune to grapples)
>Balanced; damage d6 and +2 AC
>Heavy; damage d8

On Heavy Stance, dealing 4+ damage (or maximum damage in other stances), follow through with either ::
x roll again add damage - 1 dice size (d6 + d4 for example)
x cool combat trick (gives saves if appropriate) (arm breaking, eye gouging etc)

When considering attack bonus for grapples, treat them as a fighter of equal level & use advantage (roll twice take best)

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