Wednesday 30 September 2015

Hooded Saints

1 HP
AC 16 - From speed of flight & size
1 ATTACK - 1d4 Fly-by attack OR 1d4 Peck
M 7

The lonely spires and haunted crenellations of Nilfenberg are rife with the Hooded Saints - similar in all ways to the normal crow bar a dark hood of feathers sprouting from the neck and head. Often they can be spotted loitering, lurking, near prisons and executions squares, when they are not waging their bloody, endless war on the innumerable vermin of Nilfenberg.

To strike one is to offend the Church, and to kill one worse - a crime punishable by death. To kill a Saint one will feed the rest. Witch-hunters of the Church say the Saints will attack witches, offended by their foulsome, corrupt scent. Their retinues always carry at least one Saint, trained to kill on subtle command.

They accompany the armies of the Nilfenberg Empire to battle, and feed well on the results - it is whispered the nobility have sworn a pact with them to ensure victory, though the mechanisms of such are unknown. The feast of victory falls to them, regardless of who wins the day.

A Murder of Saints is a worrisome sight to any enemy of the Empire or the Church, and the murder of saint is followed by a great flight of the Hooded Saints.