Tuesday 29 March 2016

I Walked with a Young Adult Were-Jaguar Once and it was Okay


If you're reduced to 25% HP without dying and got bit once, you're now a were-jaguar. If you embrace it, and go peacefully with your new sire, you'll return in d4 months with the ability to control your were-jaguar hood. The following assumes you never asked for this.

The Benefit

Every six hours, a were-jaguar regenerates 1 HP.
If they survive 6 months, they become immune to normal weapons in animal form. Exceptions are tree-sap coated weapons, chicken-feather fletched arrows and silver weapons.

The Rage

Whenever the were-jaguar takes damage, add 1d8 to the Rage Pool. Whenever it is their turn to act, roll the entire rage pool. If this value is greater than their current HP, they transform into a Were-jaguar. The player loses control of their character for this time, and the animal will attack and kill first those the characters were fighting, before rounding on their erstwhile allies.

For every round spent as a jaguar, reduce the Rage Pool by one dice and roll it. If this value is below the current HP, they will transform back into a human.

Transforming causes all equipment to be dropped. Any armour worn is destroyed, unless magic. Leather inflicted d2, chain d4 and plate d8 damage from this process. All other equipment is dropped as straps snap and buckles ... buckle.

Wednesday 23 March 2016

People of the Serpent

In the Scaled Mountains, a war is being fought. The Ghoul Legions, clad in plate carried across the sea five hundred years ago, attempt to exterminate the People of the Serpent, men who turn from the grace of Isp the Deathless and attempt to find hope worshiping the Old Serpents who dwell so far below the mountains.

All tribespeople of the People bear the mark upon their arm - a scarred band around the left bicep simulating the scales of their beloved snakes. They wield spears and war-clubs with a terrible purpose, and many of their weapons bear poison, which, if not resisted, drains the strength from those wounded. (Save Vs Poison or -4 Strength for 1d4 days. Can be applied multiple times.)

A typical warband has 2d10 People of the Serpent, who are dexterous if not armoured.

The Serpent Kissed have gone through the initiation rituals to learn the way of the Striking Serpent. They are scarred from head to toe in the way of the People, bearing the marks with pride. They have learnt to bite with poison, their incisors crudely replaced with functional fangs. They lead the warbands.

HD 3 / ATTACK AS WEAPON +2  OR BITE FOR 1D6 + STR POISON (double effectiveness) / AC 15 / MORALE 10 / 1D4 APPEARING

Serpent Speakers listened to the hissed whispers of the Old Serpent's chosen representatives, and have learnt selected secrets. They are the priests and mystics for the warbands of the People.



1) Invisiblity to Undead
2) Cure Light Wounds (grows scaled flesh)
3) Magic Missile
4) Summon (always a snake demon)

The Resonant Serpent is an abomination gifted to the People. Each one slithered forth from the depths, and must be caged and placated with live prey to avoid a rampage. Rather than a single giant snake, the entire body of the Resonant Serpent is made up of snake-heads, each facing a different angle. It hisses continuously, the hisses running up and down the creature so that only one head is hissing at any given moment.  Their poison is perfectly suited to killing a man if the many bites do not.


Tuesday 8 March 2016

Ghoul Class

The first – Hunger. This is what you know and what you are. The flesh of sentient beings is all you truly desire. The hunger never stops.
The second – Duty. Isp the Deathless chose you from among many to join him in his undying ways, and you should be loyal beyond death.
The last – Memory. You dimly remember what it was to be alive. The only thing you fear is losing what grip you have left, which means eating.


Treat as Fighter with following additions –

Claw Attack – You can choose to claw for 1d8 damage, although your hands remain functional.
Bite Attack – You can choose to bite for 1d6 damage, infecting humans with the Hunger.
Dead – You don’t sleep or drink. You are incapable of these things, but share weaknesses with the undead.
Healing – Healing magics and rest do not help you – only eating does. For each human body’s worth of meat eaten, regain 2d6 HP.
The Hunger – You are afflicted with a supernatural hunger which must be kept in check with the flesh of thinking creatures. Every 6 hours without a morsel of meat (at least a hand’s worth of meat) causes you move down a step.
1.       High Functioning – You gain an additional +1 to hit and a +1 bonus to all saves. You are fully lucid. This state only lasts 2 hours before degrading.
2.       Functioning – You are at your normal state. The hunger is present but in check. You get slightly agitated in the presence of injuries.
3.       Craving – You are reverting to a bestial state. Complex plans are difficult, although cunning comes naturally. +1 to all damage rolls. Save Vs Poison to avoid pouncing on any injured human.
4.       Rabid – You have fully submitted to hunger. Until you eat you are uncontrollable. You will gorge yourself into a functional state before returning to player control. +2 to damage rolls. It takes 12 hours to degrade from this state.

5.       Comatose – You have been paralyzed by the maddening hunger, and will remain as such until you scent meat in front of your nose, where you will gorge until High Functioning.