Monday 31 August 2015

Punk Zine Requiem

So, the other half of the punk-zine project has dropped entirely out of contact. Since we were always going to have a PWYW pdf version, have a link to everything in the project. Samples here.
Released under the CC 4.0


Saturday 29 August 2015


Some of the stuff generated using the armour and weapon generation systems. Mostly here for my reference, will be updated time to time.

Ultech Operator Deluxe - 800CR
Semi-automatic pistol
Night-vision optics
increased calibre
folding rifle-stock
inbuilt suppressor
PreciTech MagBR - 599CR
Advanced Optics
General Motors HullCleaner - 949CR
Spike Thrower
Thermal Sights
Short Barrel
General Motors MagCarb3 - 449CR
Void Carbine
Increased Calibre
'Elephant' Heavy Assault Power Armour - 35400CR
Power Armour
Heavy Plating
Critical Zone Assessment System
NV and Thermal
2x Effective Weapon Mounts
  Power Hungry
'Survivor' Recon Armour - MKVII CR 44650
Power Armour
Active Environment Suppression System
Threat Assessment System
Automatic User Resuscitation Device
Retractable Boarding Action MonoClaws
Embedded Weapon System - SMG
'Survivor' Recon Armour - MKVIII CR 54650
Power Armour
Active Environment Suppression System
Threat Assessment System
Automatic User Resuscitation Device
Retractable Boarding Action MonoClaws
Embedded Weapon System - SMG
Electronic Counter Measures
'Mantis' Sharp-shooter Suit - 22200CR
Assault Suit
  Power Hungry
  Poor Plating
Night-vision & Thermal Optics
Critical Zone Assessment System
Retractable Boarding Action Mono Claws

Rustbuckets In Space

You want to buy a second-hand ship? Go for it. See what happens. (Written for SWN)

Roll a d6 for the number of previous owners. More owners means more flaws, but a cheaper ship. Rolls for flaws are cumulative - a ship with 2 previous owners has (1d4-3) + (1d4-2) flaws.

No. of owners
% of total cost
Number of flaws
1d4 -3
1d4 -2
1d4 -1

Cost to Rectify
Poor Atmospherics – A bad smell, cramped conditions or just a weird atmosphere, living here is unpleasant. -1 to saving throws from being generally down.
Archaic Components – The ship was built with old, outdated parts which cost a fair bit more to find without access to a similar generation ship for spares. Each repair job costs between 25-50% extra.
Patchwork Plating – The armour has been damaged and repaired so many times, restoring to its original state would be a significant cost. +1 AC.
Undersized Engine – The engine for this ship is either long past a replacement or is undersized for the tonnage of the vessel. -1 Speed.
Burnt Out Weapon Port – One of the weapon hard-ports has been burnt out either by over-use or a lucky shot. Unusable until repaired.
Obsolete Computer – The computers on ship are long-discontinued, making repairs and additional software a scavenger hunt. All computer-interfacing fittings cost and additional 15%.
Faulty Internal Airlocks – Although the main bulkheads separating the inside of the ship from the void of space operate, the internal section-separating airlocks do not.
Haunted Sensors – The sensors often pick up ghost-signal, which require a Astronautics/6 check to confirm as false.
Huge Signature – The ships presence is even more noticeable on all spectrums than a standard ship.
Patchy Communications – The communication arrays of the ship are patchy, and have a 10% chance of cutting out for every 30 minutes usage.

*This flaw can recur.
**As listed for fighters, 10* for frigate, 25* for cruiser, 100* for capital

ELECTRIC DEATH - Geopolitics

I've decided to a cyberpunk setting. If anything below is horribly wrong and dumb, please tell me so I can amend it to make more sense.


  • The year is 2070.
  • The EU grows in power, eventually combining Europe in the European Confederation, which butts up against Russia, China and the middle-eastern states. Incredibly bureaucratic, power is parcelled out to local governments answerable to the EC council.
  • The UK left the EU before this due to ultra-nationalist sentiments, and has annexed all of Ireland. The current government is incredibly isolationist. 
  • The United States was shattered due to increasingly separatist feeling across the country, leading to a domestic terrorist attack against the federal government which was followed by the secession of nearly all states.
  • Canada has remained about the same, and is known for trading to many of the bordering and coastal ex-US states. Rumours of Alaskan annexation are rife.
  • China became huge, swallowing many of the nearby Asian states, balkanizing them heavily. A second Great Leap Forwards has crippled the power, leaving many in desperate situations.
  • The middle-east went through a second Arab Spring, with many revolutions leading to the founding of many democratic states and the throwing off of Cold War baggage. It is now a centre of civil liberties, technology companies and wealth.
  • Japan is now known as the 'Island of Ghosts', as both great leaps in life-extension technology and plummeting population growth has lead to a massive lack in young natives. The government offers significant monetary rewards to those seeking to emigrate in.
  • The huge amount of corporate interest in the African mineral deposits was eventually utilized by the governments. There are now 3 African super-states, all of whom use seized corporate assets to ensure their continuing power. The three states are - South Africa, Central African Republic and the Algerian Combine.
  • Most of South America has conglomerated into the Combined States of South America (CSSA). Mexico has remained sovereign, and effectively acts as buffer between the CSSA and the southern nations of North America.

This is just a rough as fuck overview of what the political map would look like. Plenty of stuff for players to ignore or try and profit from. The world would involve lots of crime, because education and prospects are very bad for the average person.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Things What Inspire Me

Some of these are things I just really liked as a kid, others are more recent, but all are very heavy inspiration when I'm writing content and such.

Books (also some authors)
The Gunslinger, Stepehen King
Swords of Corum, Michael Moorcock
Dune, Frank Herbert
Basically anything by
  • Clark Ashton Smith
  • HP Lovecraft
  • Laird Barron
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Iain M Banks
  • Robert E Howard
Video Games
Baldur's Gate
Roguelikes in general
Dark Souls 1 & 2


The Haxan Cloak - dark ambient artist
Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader

Sunday 2 August 2015

Blood on the Leaves

The trees are invariably thick and old, perfect for lurking predators – although there are none. There are many hanging vines, the leaves wilting and pale-green in the verdant twilight. All growth barring the trees is sickly, twisted and abundant. The only sound you might hear is the creaking of wood, the whisper of wind or the patter of rain, cleaning the leaves of their redness.
Encounters within the Area
Deadfall – Save Vs Paralyze to dodge the sudden, deadly collapse of a dead tree. 3d10 damage is struck. The most cunning Arboreal Vampires will engineer these deliberately.
Trophy Corse – A near-perfect corpse, delicately gripped by a thousand thorns and displayed proudly. The most sophisticated Arboreal Vampires will create scenes with these Trophy Corpses.
Leftovers – 1d6 human corpses, utterly shredded by the Arboreal Vampire. No loot, although there seems to be plenty. The wisest Arboreal Vampires will lurk nearby, like a sniper daring you to help an injured friend.
Pyre – A huge funeral pyre, awaiting a spark to leap into life. The most insane of Arboreal Vampires flirt with the hated fire and always linger nearby.

An Arboreal Vampire will never strike within the first ten minutes, and always before six hours. They love surprise and taunting their prey. If an obvious sacrifice is being given, they may listen to a group. (40%)

When they attack, it is never expected. They are as dextrous as spiders, and clamber and slink in the branches silent and swift. Something ancient, degenerate, haughty and deadly. Limbs too-long for the slim torso. A face dominated by teeth sprouting hideously from outside the mouth, a jagged tangle of white hunger. Eyes blazing as a high keening wail splits the air. The head angular, swept backwards. Long hair, perfectly style, flying wild as it descends amongst you.

Arboreal Vampire
HD 12
AC as chain
MORALE 11 (8 vs fire)
                2 CLAW – 1D8
                1 BITE – 2D10 + DRAIN
DRAIN – In addition to the physical damage of the unkempt maw, the bite of an Arboreal Vampire deals 1d8 CON damage. Healing this damage requires the drinking of Arboreal Vampire blood. Drinkers become dependent without a Save Vs Magic, and die if they are not given a mouthful every fortnight. The vampire gains HP equal to damage deal to CON.
UNDEAD – Immune to sleep, charm, hold, poison and disease. Can be turned.

Combat Complications (assuming ideal engagement for Arboreal Vampire)
The vegetation has been taught to sprout thorns and coil around intruders. (damage + entanglement)
1d8 Blood-Devotees follow the Vampire into combat. They are level d4 (70%) fighter / (30%) magic users.
A feeding-pit is located beside the path – it is 40ft deep, and the Vampire has brought vine-rope with lassos.
1d6 Trophy corpses spring from the trees and fight as 3HD ghouls, thorns replacing claws and teeth.

Arboreal Vampires are not mindless beasts – the culture they practice is entirely alien. Each one defines their court through the murdering of all animal life within the area, daubing the plants with the spilt blood and speaking their words of growth. The larger this area, the more powerful a member is considered. Their art is that of the Trophy Corpse, exquisitely arranged, beautified and preserved corpses. The greatest challenge is preserving the prey. The finer the Trophy Corpse, the more refined the Vampire. All Arboreal Vampires respect refinement.

Their hoards are usually piles of interesting objects stripped from their prey, as well as a wardrobe of items for the creation of Trophy Corpses.

Deep red trickle
through leaves
green like rain