Wednesday 27 March 2019

Home Again - Horror Scenario

Quick notes -

SIU - Special Investigations Unit. Delta Green, FBI, whatever.

Trace minerals as in the exact mineral constituents of a human being.

Key to making this weird is there are obvious signs of a previous investigation once the characters begin for the "second" time - from the players perspective this is the first time. Just to reiterate - BEGIN PLAY NORMALLY FROM THE RED ARROW, DO NOT PLAY OUT ANYTHING ABOVE THE RED ARROW

Memetic memory loss as in - you forgot, and anyone talking to you about the thing also forgets.

Up to you how the house attempts to consume/deal with them. Weaponised architecture feels cool, but equally architectural antibodies or something weirder. Go nuts.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Hotel Checklist - Horror & Investigative Resource

If a Person of Interest is/was staying in a hotel, here is what my players said they'd want to know - this is good to know for prep/writing purposes. BONUS is other stuff they said for general missing persons cases just as a freebie

  • Front of Desk Information
    • Any requests? Phone calls to the room?
    • CCTV access?
  • Cleaners
    • Anything unusual? Kept any of the rubbish?
  • Hotel Room
    • Footprints - wet/dry? mud? leaves?
    • Bed used? Made?
    • Bin Contents
      • Previous Bin Contents
    • Room Safe
    • Hotel bible used?
    • Hotel alarm clock - alarm set? When?
    • Hotel phone used?
      • Pencil rubbing of phone pad?
    • Bathroom
      • Recently Used?
      • Toiletries?
    • Any clothing, books, luggage etc brought by individual in question
    • Electronic device browser history?
  • BONUS - Gun/Fishing/Hunting/Driving Licence
  • BONUS - Credit Card Information?
  • BONUS - Think about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc
Got any more you'd want to see written up as a GM? Stuff you want to know as a player?

Sunday 3 March 2019


for Die Broken

Hands all ribbon from the plastic cracking
Graveyard gutted electronics on carpet redder
a thousand bloody strands of copper
Like a halo
Pierce the skin
(Hooks fish wide open maw)
Eyes wider and whiter than ever before
"I feel the universe"


Damage 0
Threat Immediate
Accuracy 0
Toughness 15
Dodge 3
Panic Will[1] 2d10
Hope Will[1] 1

Does not try to attack - opens mouth and tries to transmit the White Signal - 5% chance of success (multiple instances are cumulative - 2 is 10%, etc.)
If heard, Will[3] - failure you are subsumed and taken over for 100 Hours minus Hope. If  you are allowed to insert the wires into your head, you are lost forever. If you are restrained for the entire time, you awaken with no memory.
If you pass the Will save, gain 3d10 Stress and 1d10 Insight.