Saturday 12 October 2019

KRX - Enslaved by the Insect Overlords - Troika Hack

The wonderful K Yani has very kindly laid this out in PDF, as well as fixed a few errors in the text. Cheers!

Booklet for Letter size printing, graphics off, dots for notes on, no cropmarks

Booklet for A4 size printing, graphics off, dotes for notes on, no cropmarks

Rule 0

Don't tell the players shit.

Humanity is in thralldom to the enslaving insects, black carapace nightmares brandishing their neural whips else lounging in their quilled towers, purple-shine black metal walls studded with spikes hung with taut fungus-flesh rupture-loom above rioting corpse-built slums filled with the un-engaged surplus. Bruise-hue skies studded with eight tumour-moons loom above such vistas. Some amongst these pitiful dwellers covet the parasites swarming the hives, becoming willing hosts to alien biologies, accretions of strange fluids limbs and senses. The empire of the Insects is decadent and vile and unchallenged, the whole world locked in their mandible grip - rot farms, mines, wilderness and cities alike are unquestionably their dominion. All castes of owned beings throng and move through society, all bound up and up to the pitiless insects, attempting to eke out survival when not under orders. All of this is witnessed through alien compound eyes. They are known as the Krx.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Hooden - Formerly Known as Die Broken

Remember this? I changed the name because I thought it fucking sucked and also added a bunch of shit like another adventure and junk

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