Sunday 21 December 2014

Wolves of Paris

Not RPG, not gameable, skip this.

Winter had been harsh for
all creatures 'neath the now
absent sun - man and animal
alike gone hunger-mad.
The people of proud Paris
hid away from winds, barring
desperate-dashes for food
or a change of company.

They entered through a hole -
left untended by frozen
workers. Red hide for a
a red beast intending on
red work - demon dubbed
Courtaud, stalking in
mortal guise as Wolf
pack leader. Pitiful
mistake had granted them
entry, setting the field.

The Red Wolf and his kind
killed and ate well from
terrified Parisians, sowing
fear as farmers had sewn
seed so long before winter.
Forty dead afore the people
desperate decisions made -
Hunted and hounded, pack
was led afore great stone
witness. Cathedral-standing
tall over cruel red work,
flung stone and sharp stick
besting maw and claw at last.

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