Tuesday 2 December 2014

Tearing of the Infesting Spirit

White Suns - Totem album art FYI

Infesting spirits are insidious, and rot their hosts like the foulest of plagues until the rotten core finally gives out. Only the foulest of warlocks would beckon such a thing from beyond, and even other spirits shun them for their abnormal interest in our world, and especially in us. They never manifest physically by choice, only when coaxed out using a purification ritual.

What is required to purify the host?
The host must be drowned in sea water and then resuscitated. The spirit will slip out as a loathsome mockery of aquatic life, writhing tentacle and mad eyes. It should be killed by crushing before it slips out into the ocean, infesting the sea-life. It will promise great power if eaten, but this is a ploy to find a new host. Black cults are known to be led by individuals claiming to have made this bargain. Sailors speak of the evil whales said to carry the spirits and destroy ships for the sheer joy of it.
The host is to be smoked like a preserved meat. They will sweat, moan and cough until the spirit slips out as a violent orange liquid from any pore or orifice. This fluid must be contained in an airtight glass container. This spirit, if stored, will never again infect a host. It will be as an obedient dog if broken and trained, or so the heretics whisper.
The host should be hung as a criminal with a noose of thorned plants. If performed correctly, seconds before death a crow will claw its way savagely out of the dying victim. If allowed to escape it will seek a new host, so it is prudent to have a master-archer on hand. Witches are said to favour these terrible escapees as familiars.
The host should be kept in a stone tomb for 3 days without water nor food nor light nor company. At the end of this 3 days a terrible thing will stalk the tomb wearing the corpse of the host. It is physically shackled to this form, and destroying the monster destroys the spirit. It will use the tomb as a hunting ground, learning every possible ambush point. The sooner the physical shell is destroyed, the easier the task will be.
A child no older than 8 is to be made pleasing to the spirit using the foul symbols the spirits have taught the black-hearted summoners. The child should be kept in a glass cage will which intercept the spirit as it leaps from its current host to the child – if the cage is constructed correctly. If performed without this protection, the child will mature quickly (3 weeks) into a full adult with knowledge far beyond its years and a malign purpose. These possessed children are said to spell great calamity.
The host is to be restrained, and a blank book left before them. They should then be interrogated as to their nature, and the spirit they carry. After a relentless day of this question the spirit will leap for freedom. If correctly prepared, the blank book will contain the creature, and display its alien and terrible knowledge in a twisting and cruel script. These books are burnt, regardless of the baseless rumours of a library of such evil works being stored beneath the Inquisition Keep.

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