Saturday 31 January 2015

Kausikan Serpent Peoples


The Kausikans pre-date human dominance across the world. They were mentored in magic in the blackness beneath their mountains homes. This is how they came to revere the Mountain Things. Their knowledge led to a mass-enslavement of humans in the local area. What provoked them into attacking the last city is not known, but it is known that is war over-extended their empire, leading to collapse. It is possible some small groups survive to this day.

In the Last City, they hibernate, trapped by the fearsome magic they unleashed.

Active Patrols 1-12 Kausikans, with a 50% chance of d8 of them being Mystics. There will be 1-20 hibernating Kausikans nearby. For each Mystic, there is a cumulative 5% chance of a captive demon. (generate as Summon)

Kausikan Warrior


AC as Chain, 30% of d4 armoured warriors, AC as Plate

1 Attack as Weapon, +1 Damage

Kausikan Mystic


AC as Chain

1 Attack as Weapon, +1 Damage

Roll for 1 1st Level spell from normal list.

Artefacts of the Kausikans.

Kausikan Serpent Peoples
Endless spell-slates can be found with Kausikans living, dead or hibernating. Most are broken, and the majority of the whole ones replicate the effects of modern spells.
Beaten copper collars, usually found around the necks of dead human skeletons. These slave collars are bound to a rod, and cannot be removed once they are donned.
The slave rod can be used to inflict inhuman levels of pain on all of those wearing collars at once. It cannot be used on a single slave. It is a small stone baton with a glyph on one face.
A small polished rock, which seems to have some inner quality. It is a seeing-stone of the Mountain Things. Significant military personnel of the Kausikans would carry these.
A variety of weapons with uncomfortable balance and grip, but perfectly serviceable. The wielder will not be able to forget the otherness of the weapon. They thirst for the blood of mammals, especially that of humans. These weapons deal +1 damage to all mammals, and score a critical on 19-20 against humans.
A strange metal spike with a great deal of intricate carving around the point. These Stone Killers were used to punch holes in walls and to obliterate the famed golems of the last city.

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