Sunday 23 November 2014

Essential Elementals

Fire Elementals destroy, dance, feed and fuck with a fierce passion for life and change within the span of about five seconds. If spoken to, they howl joyously about the extremes of sensation and the beauty of destruction even as they die before your eyes. There is no consideration of meaning or consequence - to enjoy sensation is enough. The act of doing something is enough of a reason for a Fire Elemental. They do not have names.

Wind Elementals see many sights and freely exchange information, although most are world-weary. It is not often a new wind is made, meaning the Wind Elementals are an ageing population. They speak highly of speed and impression, and feel the inherent failure of solid matter in everything. They do not rejoice in the ending of matter as Fire Elementals do, but simply accept it as another fact. They bear titles which serve like the titles of books - giving an idea of the knowledge the individual holds.

Water Elementals are communally minded, believing strongly in the greater good. Most prefer to remain in their homes, although the rebellious Rain Spirits insist on roaming to and fro, but lack in-depth knowledge on any great matter. The more conservative Ocean Spirits are dour, but hold the deepest knowledge of their kind, although their fury is nigh unstoppable. River Spirits are always up to date on the latest rumours, though any such information changes in the telling. Water Elementals are known by the name of their social grouping, whether this is Rain Spirit tribes of Ocean Spirit collectives.

Earth Elementals are timeless, numerous and relatively static. They shift over time, although their ire, once roused, is sudden and devastating. They struggle innately to learn things they did not know upon their creation, leading to a great deal of stagnation in Earth Elemental thought. Though considered slow and stupid, they are blissfully happy with their place in everything. They are known to sing to the mineral formations, causing wonderous resonances to echo throughout their chambers. Each bears and individual name with pride.

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