Sunday 27 July 2014

Developing some details for the LotFP game

Just some rough 'sketches' of stuff for my LotFP campaign. Probably boring and derivative.


The forests are rich, old and dark. The beasts roam free and those not welcome in the communities lurk and brood. The roads are dangerous and thin when they do exists, and only skirt the light outer edges. The deep forests were not meant for man. The inner, ancient woodland is haunted by a race inimical to man. They flit between the trees and plants, passing freely through the densest foliage and most difficult terrain. They trap, confuse, cut, shoot and bleed intruders. Your body will be left for the animals, decomposing to feed nutrients to the plants. They are the Elves.

Once their dominion projected forth from the forests. Your grandfather's grandfather may remember the time of the Illyan - a time where a cousin of the Elves of today held the area in a tight grip, and man was nought but a plaything. The ruins of this time are scattered about the land, invariably containing valuables, secrets and death. We do not know why they retreated, only that they did. And now Elves are only spoken of in hushed whispers matched with furtive glances at the oh-so-brave adventurers asking about them. No good can come of disturbing their land.


There are two kinds of Dwarf - the dour Rock and the unseen Stone. Rock dwarves live in hill communities, farming pastorally much as men would in similar places. However, they have fantastic metal and stone work at their disposal thanks to trade with the Stone. Rock dwarves are unwelcoming of humans, and barely tolerate visitors for any length of time, especially adventurers.

We know nothing about the Stone Dwarves bar that they spend their entire lives underground.


The Stone Dwarves do not believe in the surface. It is merely a dream in the minds of the those who truly exist. Those Dwarves who dwell there are the Dreamers, or the Sleeping. They are fools of great use, for they and they alone can evoke things from the Dream into the reality of Down. Though only the better-off Dwarves can afford such delicacies, the Dreamers do well of the trade. They do not attempt to understand, for the nature of reality does not suit them - they find it distasteful after the Dream.

Sometimes Nightmares pierce their way into the real, through holes the Sleepers insist of leaving open, or perhaps through their own ken. The Sleep Wardens guard such places, and are uniquely gifted in comprehending both the reality and the Dream. They can never experience the true reality because of this, and are confined to the upper layers of the real, where the borders are thin. The real is dark and stretches on beyond ken, but it is finite. The Dream is infinite and filled with unreliable, fickle lights and beings.


  1. As much as I enjoy murderelves, I really appreciate dwarves who just don't believe in the surface. And consider dwarves who work and live between the worlds to be weird shamans best used when convenient and ignored the rest of the time.

    1. I always imagined them like the crazy uncles the surface-dwarves are kinda embarrassed of. I visualise them wearing these all-black rough cotton robes, with huge cone hoods with only the eye holes cut out. They'd probably be more Underdark than usual Dwarf, refusing to look at the Nightmares if they somehow entered their domain.

      They came up in the brief underground excursion in one of my games, completely wigging our Dwarven Cleric out


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