Saturday 22 November 2014

The Plane of Towers


The Plane of Towers is bleak and desolate. The titular towers burst from the landscape at skewed angles, all of them decaying. Anything could live in these towers, but a known inhabitant is the Realm Spider. For the price of an important memory, they can weave portals to allow return to your home plane. Information can be bought from them.

Each tower has d12 levels. Some of these may be below ground. The entrance will be on a random floor. Floors are not constrained by the size of the structure – they are as large as they need to be.

Realm Spider Lair – 80% chance of being present. 15% chance of other customers being present.
Larder – Randomly determine what the stored food is for. It should always appear appetizing until eaten.
Trap Museum – Everything in this room is trapped. A celebration to ingenuity and security conscious buildings.
Oracle – 30% chance of being ransacked. If not, the Oracle will give prophesy. The prophesy is locked in once spoken, this is the price to be paid.
Prison Cells – 1d8 cells, each with a 30% chance of occupants. These occupants are likely alternate party members.
Execution Chamber – Filled with the tools of messy, painful and slow death. 30% of being recently used.
Botanical Garden – All manner of strange herb and vegetable. 20% chance of sentient or carnivorous plants.
Exotic Zoo – Gilded cages contained a myriad of creatures fair and foul. Cages are nearly indestructible from the inside, but as delicate as the web of a spider from outside.
Sustenance Garden – The most meagre crops grown in poor earth. The crop is unnaturally bountiful, though only a trained eye would notice it.
Pool of Ooze – A stone bowl contains all manner of oozes, slimes and the like. The breed and grow, with the occasional individual slipping out of the edge before fleeing. Pushing over the bowl releases 100x d10 slimes, who object to such treatment.
Neutral Meeting Space – Two dimensional entities at war are conversing in this neutral ground. The party are viewed as either intruders or negotiators.
Observatory – Alien stars and the beasts that swim the void can be spied from the machinery here. The void beasts can see you too.
Apothecary – Dubious cures and tinctures for the discerning adventurer.
Splitter – This room allows the various alternate ghosts of the party to interact. 1d4 copies of the party flicker into reality in this room. Each will be one step further removed from the original than the last.
Room of Heads – A huge hall containing the heads of various species in jars. These jars contain preservative. The heads are very much alive and aware of their plight. Many are screaming.
Mechanical Animal Room – Clockwork animals stalk around this room. They are ignorant of organic life, and will only harm you by accident – they literally cannot see you.
Fire Chamber – A huge pillar of flame erupts from the centre of the room to the ceiling. It speaks, although it is quite mad from its extended lifespan – fire is meant to die and be replaced by its children every 7 seconds or so.
Meditation Chamber – This simple chamber is very calming, and helps those who take a moment within to focus their minds.
Dojo/Practice Room – A huge variety of arms and armour line the walls of this chamber dedicated to martial glory.  Weapons removed from the room are revealed to be practice dummies.
Feasting Hall – The food looks great. It is all putrid. The host of the feast appears to be laughing endlessly – he is crying.
Throne Room – A simple, unadorned stone throne rests in this cavernous chamber. One who sits on the throne sees their court before them, and will be reluctant to leave it behind.
Tomb – A single great sarcophagus rests in this highly ornamented burial chamber.
Skin Flier Aviary – A huge collection of the native Skin Fliers rest here. They are passive if not disturbed.
Library – A collection in a language foreign to conventional planes on a subject even more alien.
Adventuring Assets Store – The travelling magic store finds itself here. The storekeeper is most distraught that more than one of the party has entered.
Architects Workshop – Plans of various towers are scattered about, but the notes on contents are indecipherable – written both in a strange language and then encoded.
Theatre Room – Masks, costumes and great reams of screenplay are scattered about this room. There is a stage.
Personal Study – This cosy room has a leather upholstered chair of human proportions, a roaring fire and many detailed, eloquent works on the choice subject of cannibalism.
Brewery – A huge number of beverages are on the brew in this room. The yeast is psychic yeast, and screams for help even as they continue to hasten their own demise.
Statuary – Many statues line the walls. Some of them are smashed into pieces. There are corpses in this room.

Describing the Plane of Towers
Twisted ugly landscape grins
with rotten cracked tower
teeth scraping sky painted
in bruise and disease. To
glimpse it once more would
damn me thrice over, yet -
that plane haunts every
moment thinking or idle
tainting a reality more
wholesome with it's
foulsome canker.

The Towers
Nothing lives
within those
towers and no
hand built them.
Nothing changes
or ever has
yet the towers
are twisted
old and bent.
Crooked fingers
claw at the
sky, rotten
tooth in bleak
jaw resting
uneasy - pained.

Skin Fliers
They ride on
stretched skin
taught twixt
talon tipped
fingers too
human for
such horrors.
In that land
they can be
seen yet not
heard - the
cry of the
chosen echoes
from those
ugly towers.


  1. Well done. Love the random floor ideas. Lots of potential here.

  2. This is outstanding and very evocative. Seems like Vornheim would have a portal to this plane; it is the city of towers, after all.

    How have you worked this into your existing campaign? PCs have to track down someone who has fled to the Plane of Towers? Are some of the PCs, like that first poem, infected by the idea of the plane?

    1. Thanks for the compliment.
      The players were chasing some fraudulent court-wizards, who used it as a mean of rapid transport - events there are outside time. One could spend years trapped within before emerging to an unchanged world.
      In a differing campaign, a player is haunted. His dreams are plagued and he feels a doom upon him.


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