Wednesday 26 November 2014

Criminals and Canines

‘We look around for a place to rob’

Now you can blame the dice for that damn dog.

The table below gives the number of houses displaying a vulnerability. Note that the number is modified is the players are looking for a certain wealth level of house (specified in the next table)

# Vulnerable Houses
Settlement Class
Special Notes
1d4 -1
Maximum wealth is Middling.
1d6 -1
Organised guard force present 90% chance.
Large Town
Organised guard force present and a thieves guild may operate (5% chance)
As above, but 15% chance of a thieves guild.

This table is used to generate the wealth level of vulnerable houses. The Search Penalty applies to the above roll as previously discussed.
Wealth Level
Likely Security Measures
Search Penalty
1 – 2
Destitute – you’ll get some coppers at best. 2d4 cp in overall wealth.
2 – 6
Poor – perhaps they’ve stashed some silver? 2d20sp in movable wealth.
Simple Lock
7 – 9
Middling – they’re doing okay, something in here should make the fence smile. 10d20sp in movable wealth.
Secure Locks & 5% chance of guard dog.
-1 to vulnerable houses
10 – 11
Rich – some decent loot should be about. 2d100sp in movable wealth.
Secure Locks, 10% chance of guard dog & 1d4 guards.
-2 to vulnerable houses.
Extravagant – the big heist – you can’t believe this place has an opening. The amount isn’t an issue, finding the time to get everything is!
Great Locks & 1d10 guards.
-7 to vulnerable houses.

Simple locks raise your effective tinkering skill by one. Great locks do the opposite.

What, exactly, is vulnerable about this house?
Open window(s) with relatively easy access.
A door has been left ajar. Weird that.
Incredibly on-display wealth makes this worthwhile. (re-roll for extravagant)
You’ve got a key – dropped outside or perhaps left in the lock?
Rumours abound that the owner is out of town for a while.
A disgruntled guard let you know that the cellar door is always unlocked.

Just because you’ve got guards doesn’t make them any good. Add 1 to the roll for Extravagant houses. Guards are assumed to be equipped with leather armour and longswords, and fight as standard humans.
Guard Skill
Inept. +2 to Stealth skill, unlikely to follow clues etc. Guards are asleep 1-in-6 times. No patrols.
Poor. +1 to Stealth. Will miss subtle clues. Very loose patrol structure.
Average. About what you’d expect. Regular patrols, informal check-ins every couple of hours.
Skilled Guardsmen. -1 to Stealth, relative diligent. Good patrol routes and check-ins every hour.
Exceptional. The very best money can buy. -2 to Stealth, well designed patrol routes and check-ins every 20 minutes.

(Tinkering is the LotFP lockpicking skill, and is rated 1-6 to give you a rough estimation for conversion)

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