Thursday 20 November 2014

A Dead City Twitches


The city is dead, but things still stalk the abandoned streets and empty buildings. On top of this, something lurks from the cataclysm so long ago.

Random Encounters within the City.
Animate dead, driven wild by confinement and tragedy. They hunger for intruder-flesh, for the red stuff of life so long absent.
1d4 Active defence golems on patrol. Will not attack unless the party is somewhere they shouldn’t be.
An insane golem bursts in through a wall, destroying everything in its path. If defeated, a new structure have been revealed.
A foraging party of Kausikans, looking for supplies for their hibernating brothers and sisters.
The long dead whisper and moan in the ears of the living in strange tongues. They ache to be remembered.
An ambush team of cave-adapted humans, inbred and wild from cannibalism and a lifetime within the tomb of their people. Some will be wearing rotting, rusting and corroded ancestral armour and wielding weapons made of metal twisted with bone.

With every drop of blood split, it grows. Every HD worth of damage dealt to living things empowers it, giving it one HD. Once it reaches 4 HD, it manifests and kills. A presence ushered in by the Kausikans, it haunts the streets and follows the living. It sees moisture, not light. Whilst not manifested, it calls out to those who dwell in this place, drawing them like moths to a flame. When destroyed in it's physical form, it simply hides for a week before the process begins anew. It is old.

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