Saturday 15 November 2014

Artefacts of the Last City


There are two main classes of artefact in the Last City. Those which belong here, and those brought in by the Kausikan invaders. These are just some of the notable things an expedition could discover.

The Last City
Kausikan Serpent Peoples
A tablet detailing their golem-craft. Could be used as a manual. Incredibly valuable and rare, and extremely delicate.
Endless spell-slates can be found with Kausikans living, dead or hibernating. Most are broken, and the majority of the whole ones replicate the effects of modern spells.
A blessed weapon of Serpent Slaying. This will be a short sword, spear of axe, and has been blessed by the war-deity to serve well against all serpents. Considered magical vs Serpents and grant +1 to hit.
Beaten copper collars, usually found around the necks of dead human skeletons. These slave collars are bound to a rod, and cannot be removed once they are donned.
A tablet containing a spell, either clerical or arcane. These are mostly found in temples or libraries, and many will be cruder versions of modern spells. Some are unique.
The slave rod can be used to inflict inhuman levels of pain on all of those wearing collars at once. It cannot be used on a single slave. It is a small stone baton with a glyph on one face.
A carved bone rod which grants power over crops, giving the wielding the power to visit blight or bounty upon that year’s harvest in the region. Using it binds the user to the region until the harvest.
A small polished rock, which seems to have some inner quality. It is a seeing-stone of the Mountain Things. Significant military personnel of the Kausikans would carry these.
The three-tablet Prayer to a Rain Spirit, which visits powerful rains to the region. It can be used to flood creatures out of their nests, or to ensure a good crop. These tablets caused the war which resulted in the death of the city.
A variety of weapons with uncomfortable balance and grip, but perfectly serviceable. The wielder will not be able to forget the otherness of the weapon. They thirst for the blood of mammals, especially that of humans. These weapons deal +1 damage to all mammals, and score a critical on 19-20 against humans.
A fantastically light suit of mail made from the scales of some long-extinct fish. The scales shimmer and wink in the sun. It functions as leather with the protection of chain, but stealth is difficult.
A strange metal spike with a great deal of intricate carving around the point. These Stone Killers were used to punch holes in walls and to obliterate the famed golems of the last city.

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