Tuesday 29 March 2016

I Walked with a Young Adult Were-Jaguar Once and it was Okay


If you're reduced to 25% HP without dying and got bit once, you're now a were-jaguar. If you embrace it, and go peacefully with your new sire, you'll return in d4 months with the ability to control your were-jaguar hood. The following assumes you never asked for this.

The Benefit

Every six hours, a were-jaguar regenerates 1 HP.
If they survive 6 months, they become immune to normal weapons in animal form. Exceptions are tree-sap coated weapons, chicken-feather fletched arrows and silver weapons.

The Rage

Whenever the were-jaguar takes damage, add 1d8 to the Rage Pool. Whenever it is their turn to act, roll the entire rage pool. If this value is greater than their current HP, they transform into a Were-jaguar. The player loses control of their character for this time, and the animal will attack and kill first those the characters were fighting, before rounding on their erstwhile allies.

For every round spent as a jaguar, reduce the Rage Pool by one dice and roll it. If this value is below the current HP, they will transform back into a human.

Transforming causes all equipment to be dropped. Any armour worn is destroyed, unless magic. Leather inflicted d2, chain d4 and plate d8 damage from this process. All other equipment is dropped as straps snap and buckles ... buckle.

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