Tuesday 8 March 2016

Ghoul Class

The first – Hunger. This is what you know and what you are. The flesh of sentient beings is all you truly desire. The hunger never stops.
The second – Duty. Isp the Deathless chose you from among many to join him in his undying ways, and you should be loyal beyond death.
The last – Memory. You dimly remember what it was to be alive. The only thing you fear is losing what grip you have left, which means eating.


Treat as Fighter with following additions –

Claw Attack – You can choose to claw for 1d8 damage, although your hands remain functional.
Bite Attack – You can choose to bite for 1d6 damage, infecting humans with the Hunger.
Dead – You don’t sleep or drink. You are incapable of these things, but share weaknesses with the undead.
Healing – Healing magics and rest do not help you – only eating does. For each human body’s worth of meat eaten, regain 2d6 HP.
The Hunger – You are afflicted with a supernatural hunger which must be kept in check with the flesh of thinking creatures. Every 6 hours without a morsel of meat (at least a hand’s worth of meat) causes you move down a step.
1.       High Functioning – You gain an additional +1 to hit and a +1 bonus to all saves. You are fully lucid. This state only lasts 2 hours before degrading.
2.       Functioning – You are at your normal state. The hunger is present but in check. You get slightly agitated in the presence of injuries.
3.       Craving – You are reverting to a bestial state. Complex plans are difficult, although cunning comes naturally. +1 to all damage rolls. Save Vs Poison to avoid pouncing on any injured human.
4.       Rabid – You have fully submitted to hunger. Until you eat you are uncontrollable. You will gorge yourself into a functional state before returning to player control. +2 to damage rolls. It takes 12 hours to degrade from this state.

5.       Comatose – You have been paralyzed by the maddening hunger, and will remain as such until you scent meat in front of your nose, where you will gorge until High Functioning.

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