Sunday 17 April 2016


You are bound.

You are tormented.

You are pitiful, a shell of what once was.

The chains of magic bind themselves tightly around your very essence, but you have learnt something - through bondage lies power.


(This class only really works with cursed items imparting benefit-at-cost. In my home game, this is basically the only sort of magic item, so bear that in mind.)

Base as Fighter, but no attack progression or improved techniques.
A character of any level with multiple curse-effects can elect to become an Accursed, keeping HP but losing all XP, beginning at level 1.

Curse-Seeker - Whenever an even level is gained, the Accursed gains a dim direction sense of the nearest cursed item. (Place in the world as appropriate. The power of the item has nothing to do with the level of the Accursed.)

Bearer of Chains -  The Accursed can break the bonds of another, removing their curses and taking them on for themselves.

The Binds Tighten - Every odd level gained (including the first) imbues the Accursed with a new curse. Conflicting curses are good. Re-roll if you roll the same thing twice, or else replace whenever a curse is used.

A Chain Gained, a Power Revealed.
To Know Restlessness – The Accursed will never rest again, but will still become tired, never quite dying of the exhaustion.
To Forget Fear – The Accursed has no capacity for fear in any situation.
To Never Know Death – The Accursed cannot die. They can be hacked into pieces.
To Move Restlessly – The Accursed cannot remain in the same place for more than d20 hours. As they get closer to this deadline, they move faster.
To Be Hated – All who gaze upon the Accursed will hate and fear them immensely. With power to back it up, this is a tool.
To Be Untouchable – You grow a second stony skin. You lose all sense of touch, but have AC equal to plate.
To Know Betrayal – You can hear the voice of any speaking of you, no matter the distance. You don’t know who says what.
To Forget – Your memory is limited to 1 week. You can eat the memories of others, which do not fade. This is achieved through the consumption of brains.
To Be Loathsomely Beautiful – You become disgustingly beautiful. All will wish to possess or destroy you on sight.
To Be A Slave – You must follow all instructions given to you directly, to the letter. For every instruction followed, you gain a secret of the master.

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