Monday 28 July 2014

The Church of the Hanged Man

The Church of the Hanged Man worships a martyr-turned-deity, the name and crime of whom has been long since forgotten. The operate across the world in conjunction with local authorities, all too eager to act as a working jail. The Redeemers of the order are assigned Atoners, who are then put to work throughout the church, encouraged to strive towards penance through work. The church pays to take on these prisoners, seeing redemption as it's sacred duty. Many Antoners die in their penance, the names of such individuals recorded in great tomes located in every church. These Ledgers are sacred artefacts, and the loss of one is a great calamity. No expense is spared in reclaiming a Ledger.

Activities of the church include hunting for clues as to the Martyr's name, recovering lost ledgers, renting out prisoners as labour (the money is used to buy more prisoners) The church also operates large industrial operations, including quarries and mass-logging camps. There are whispered rumours of military forces of Atoners led and trained by the most militant of Redeemers.

Redeemers are notable in their priestly attire for the sackcloth bags worn over their heads and the noose around their necks, homage to the Hanged Man himself. This headgear does not seem to impede their sight. Their robes are unadorned black. There is no obvious hierarchy to the church, with all Redeemers appearing to be equals.

Clerics and priests of the church attempting to contact their deity are always met with the silence of the grave. Many are later found hung from the rafters.

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