Sunday 3 March 2019


for Die Broken

Hands all ribbon from the plastic cracking
Graveyard gutted electronics on carpet redder
a thousand bloody strands of copper
Like a halo
Pierce the skin
(Hooks fish wide open maw)
Eyes wider and whiter than ever before
"I feel the universe"


Damage 0
Threat Immediate
Accuracy 0
Toughness 15
Dodge 3
Panic Will[1] 2d10
Hope Will[1] 1

Does not try to attack - opens mouth and tries to transmit the White Signal - 5% chance of success (multiple instances are cumulative - 2 is 10%, etc.)
If heard, Will[3] - failure you are subsumed and taken over for 100 Hours minus Hope. If  you are allowed to insert the wires into your head, you are lost forever. If you are restrained for the entire time, you awaken with no memory.
If you pass the Will save, gain 3d10 Stress and 1d10 Insight.

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