Tuesday 5 March 2019

Hotel Checklist - Horror & Investigative Resource

If a Person of Interest is/was staying in a hotel, here is what my players said they'd want to know - this is good to know for prep/writing purposes. BONUS is other stuff they said for general missing persons cases just as a freebie

  • Front of Desk Information
    • Any requests? Phone calls to the room?
    • CCTV access?
  • Cleaners
    • Anything unusual? Kept any of the rubbish?
  • Hotel Room
    • Footprints - wet/dry? mud? leaves?
    • Bed used? Made?
    • Bin Contents
      • Previous Bin Contents
    • Room Safe
    • Hotel bible used?
    • Hotel alarm clock - alarm set? When?
    • Hotel phone used?
      • Pencil rubbing of phone pad?
    • Bathroom
      • Recently Used?
      • Toiletries?
    • Any clothing, books, luggage etc brought by individual in question
    • Electronic device browser history?
  • BONUS - Gun/Fishing/Hunting/Driving Licence
  • BONUS - Credit Card Information?
  • BONUS - Think about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc
Got any more you'd want to see written up as a GM? Stuff you want to know as a player?


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