Sunday 21 December 2014

Mechanisms of the Deep Dwarves

These guys are back.

Mechanism Appearance
Mechanism Function
Gigantic metal cube with uncomfortably organic exhaust pipes sprouting throughout, coughing out thick black smoke that stains skin irrevocably. The noise is a low thrum with occasional moments of apocalyptic engine-screams and shearing metal. Dials and read-outs are liberally placed throughout.
Moving up, down or either.
Entire room/space is filled with machinery left open and exposed, continuously in motion and thunderously loud. Many chains and ugly toothed cogs are seemingly positioned to drag in the unwary and chew them up in the terrible workings of the inner tangle of the mechanism.
Cleaning food products.
Elegant assembly of chromed shapes containing smaller mechanisms which work together to achieve functions. Only has a single display dial, which can only inform the user whether the task is complete or in-progress. The entire machine could be carried in a slightly oversized backpack, and is very quiet in operation.
Actually a regulatory device for another mechanism buried beneath you.
Ugly, large and unwieldy tool requiring two-hands and a focused operator. Tubing feeds into abrasively mechanical components which gnash and chew. The thing grumbles when passive and roars when in active use. Coughs out a cloud of waste products after extended use. Very easy to lose fingers in.
Compression of materials into denser, more transportable forms.
Endless tubes and vials and twisted metal form a tangled mess housed within a double-size mine-cart. The thing gurgles madly as fluids mix and reactions are contained, with the central controlling mechanism clunking and choking as operations are performed to the input provided by the delicate panel studded with hundreds of toggle switches and levers – all unlabelled.
Not even the creators know – but turning it off could be catastrophic.
Forest of metal smoke-stacks would tower above the viewer if they were not embedded directly into the stone above them. The glow of innumerable furnaces gives the entire area a hellish light whilst the roar is muted by the tangle of industry. Despite all the effort to pipe away waste products, endless smokes and powders mix freely in the upper sections and fall as weird slag and fluid.
Library check in/out system.

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