Tuesday 16 December 2014

Breaker of Prophecy


To break prophecy is more than rejecting fate - it twists and warps reality, defying what was meant to be. Only that which does not value reality at all - a thing from that sea of chaos - could willingly embrace this knowing the full repercussion of this. And so it comes to our world, living in the deepest pit surrounded by it's imitators and hangers on. Nameless, it tempts mortals determined to defy what has been made for them by the weavers of reality. This unraveller of tapestries takes the form of a white worm the size of cities, writhing atop a sea of smaller reflections of itself.

It sends out servants to bring the desperate to subterranean lair (for the lower one is, the further they are from the reality enforcing sun) Once brought here, they are infected with shards of it's maleficent essence. This corruption allows them to hide in the corners of fate, avoiding the hand dealt to them, but also binds them to it's will. They will become swollen like a women heavy with child, and often need to vomit - but only worms will escape their gullet. These worms will infest and kill the populace, taint the land and sow the seeds of chaos.

Reality twists and buckles…
Compress to a flat circle of space/time observable.
Kill the you of now to become the you of new-now. See all previous struggles of such.
The watchers press close – faces on surfaces on air grinning watching impossible.
All is an empty point of reference and now you see the connections – the real.
Engulfed by matter, time waits while you drown.
Stretch out on all possible planes to fill nothing before sharp contraction to everything.
The literal molars of reality grind you to paste and you cannot help but scream thanks to the astral dentistry.
Each organ votes on continued existence on this plane given the ability to ascend. They hate you, and so you stay. Every second.

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