Thursday 16 April 2020

A Weapon is not a Tool

fuckin about with a heavily houseruled OD&D for no particular reason.

No thieves, no clerics, magic users powered by Wonder and Wickedness, also stealing this idea b/c it slaps

the issue is this leaves only 2 classes, and only 1 getting unique stuff on a per character basis.

so - give Fighters a reason to not just wear Plate:

Fighters wearing Leather armour add 2 to their saving throw rolls vs Wand/Ray & Breath Weapons

Fighters wearing Plate armour subtract 2 from their saving throw rolls vs Wand/Ray & Breath Weapons

and then give them choices to make with weapons - obviously, this doesn't have to be mechanical, but i think it helps some players. they're all meant to be broadly comparable and useful in different situations.

All weapons deal 1d6 damage - light weapons with disadvantage, heavy weapons with advantage.

Battle-Axe - Medium - May sacrifice 3 damage from an attack to attempt a weapon/shield strip. Roll a second attack - if successful, a weapon or shield can be ripped from the grip of the opponent.
Club - Light - Forgo damage to attempt to stun - after a successful attack, target attempts to save vs paralysis - failure results in them losing their combat round. Further strikes against them are at +2.
Crossbow*- Medium - Ignores armour, 1 round reload
Dagger - Light  -Throwable, usable in grapple situation.
Flail - Medium  - Ignores shields
Greatsword - Heavy - Upon a killing blow, the wielder can roll another attack. This effect can be triggered multiple times.
Hand-Axe - Light - Throwable. If 4+ damage is dealt, the Hand-axe bounces, 'attacking' again.
Polearm*† - Heavy - Grant a nominated adjacent ally -2 AC
Javelin - Medium - Throwable
Longbow* - Medium - +1 to hit per round spent aiming
Mace - Medium - Increases AC of those struck by 1 to a maximum of 7
Quarterstaff* - Light - Opponents must save vs Breath Weapon to approach, failure resulting in an automatic hit with this weapon
Shortbow* - Medium - Can split move and fire (i.e. move fire move)
Shortsword - Light - Riposte twice
Sling - Light - Can be used to launch grenades
Spear† - Medium - Wielder may chose hold their attack until someone tries to approach them - they then roll an attack first.
Sword - Medium - Riposte once
Two-Handed Axe* - Heavy - If a 6 is rolled for damage, roll another d6 and add the result. This effect can be triggered multiple times. Increase the wielders AC by +1.
Warhammer* - Heavy - Those struck are thrown backwards if unable to make a save vs paralysis. Use the damage rolled to determine distance.

† denotes a weapon with reach, being able to strike from behind another
* denotes weapons requiring two hands
Riposte: Attacks against the wielder which score below 7 (before AC is applied) result in the wielder being able to attempt a counter-attack, resolved normally.


  1. I dig it! Riposte is very interesting indeed, would the shortsword be better denoted as a rapier? Perhaps swords have no special ability, and just have +1 to-hit. They are only tools for Killing, after all

    1. rapiers would deffo work as the Riposte effect - but rapiers imply different stuff about where the world is at technologically

      I did toy with making swords feel a bit more default - the standard option

  2. Like. Esp. Quarterstaff and Spear, and I always want reasons for not wearing plate (I go with + to AC is penalty to whatever feels like it needs it; for a start, you're not dodging dragon's breath).


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