Monday 7 January 2019

Viking Raid Campaign

Using a low-power, low-magic system*, being goddamn Vikings is a pretty strong sandbox campaign opener:

  • Not knowing about where you're going despite living in the world, whilst still allowing you to give meaningful rumours/information for players to plan their next moves around.
  • Immediate cultural driver for players to go out there and get involved for glory & gold.
  • Have hirelings (boat crew) and replacement characters from the word go
  • Discrete adventures/delves as each individual raid - keep going until you fill your longship.
    • Allowing for logical downtime & investment & carousing with your ill-gotten-gains.
  • Actively engaging with different cultures for trade/raiding, weapons and "unlocking" new race/class options.
    • Want a good sword? Damascus steel is hard to get, but you could sail down there and take it...
  • Make religion and language an active component
    • Converting to Christianity allows access to more ports to sell your booty, but causes disfavor back home
    • Hiring/capturing translators becomes really important, especially for some of the longer-range trips you might take
  • Give different regions a living mythology - go and kill all the different flavours of dragon
    • Each region can have it's own unique magic system so it always feels different
  • Fallen Empire archetype fulfilled by the Western Roman Empire
  • Expedition planning, if you're into that sort of shit
  • Finally use all those sick water monsters
Look at this shit they built a boat and sailed it around

*So basically Swyvers

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