Thursday 11 February 2016

Make the Bastards Pay, or, Do We Get Found Out?

It's a fair bet Cyberpunks are going to piss people off and commit crime. Now you won't get bitched at for arbitrarily deciding if they get caught.

An Agent is the tracking party, whether a corporation, the cops, or a nutjob vigilante. They get a Ruthlessness Score. Higher is worse for the players.

Particularly personal or horrific crimes can modify the ruthlessness of the Agent.

The Player-group has a Stealth Score. This is effectively a penalty (or bonus) to the tracking party.

Stealth Factors

Finger-prints not removed & on-record (includes ammo casing left behind) +3
Camera feed not destroyed, corrupted, interfered with etc. +3
Disguises worn -3
Distinctive look +2
Bribed false witnesses -1 per witness (reverse this if witness brainjacked)
Known base of operations +3
Direct route taken to escape +1

Agent Resources
(These are limited by the Ruthlessness of the Agent)

Ruthlessness 0
Informants +1
Existing records on accessible databases +3

Ruthlessness 1
Neutral Witness +1

Ruthlessness 2
Records on restricted access databases +2

Ruthlessness 3
'Unwilling' Witness +1

Ruthlessness 4
Brainjacked Witness* +3
Unauthorized access to databases with records +2

Witnesses/Informants can only add +10 in total. Those with good information (clear sight, attentive etc.) add an additional +1.

Finally, roll a d10 and add the bonuses. Get over a 15? The agent knows the players did it, and potentially where they stay. Fun times ensue.

*Brainjacking forcefully rips information from a person, at best causing severe psychological scars, more often turning them into a vegetable.

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