Saturday 29 August 2015

ELECTRIC DEATH - Geopolitics

I've decided to a cyberpunk setting. If anything below is horribly wrong and dumb, please tell me so I can amend it to make more sense.


  • The year is 2070.
  • The EU grows in power, eventually combining Europe in the European Confederation, which butts up against Russia, China and the middle-eastern states. Incredibly bureaucratic, power is parcelled out to local governments answerable to the EC council.
  • The UK left the EU before this due to ultra-nationalist sentiments, and has annexed all of Ireland. The current government is incredibly isolationist. 
  • The United States was shattered due to increasingly separatist feeling across the country, leading to a domestic terrorist attack against the federal government which was followed by the secession of nearly all states.
  • Canada has remained about the same, and is known for trading to many of the bordering and coastal ex-US states. Rumours of Alaskan annexation are rife.
  • China became huge, swallowing many of the nearby Asian states, balkanizing them heavily. A second Great Leap Forwards has crippled the power, leaving many in desperate situations.
  • The middle-east went through a second Arab Spring, with many revolutions leading to the founding of many democratic states and the throwing off of Cold War baggage. It is now a centre of civil liberties, technology companies and wealth.
  • Japan is now known as the 'Island of Ghosts', as both great leaps in life-extension technology and plummeting population growth has lead to a massive lack in young natives. The government offers significant monetary rewards to those seeking to emigrate in.
  • The huge amount of corporate interest in the African mineral deposits was eventually utilized by the governments. There are now 3 African super-states, all of whom use seized corporate assets to ensure their continuing power. The three states are - South Africa, Central African Republic and the Algerian Combine.
  • Most of South America has conglomerated into the Combined States of South America (CSSA). Mexico has remained sovereign, and effectively acts as buffer between the CSSA and the southern nations of North America.

This is just a rough as fuck overview of what the political map would look like. Plenty of stuff for players to ignore or try and profit from. The world would involve lots of crime, because education and prospects are very bad for the average person.

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