Sunday 24 May 2015

Social Weave

The inner forest hides it, and it embraces the unique nature of the place. The members scuttle, passing messages along web-networks which act as telegrams, subtle vibrations giving a constant updates to the Weave. To an outsider, the monolithic system of these gigantic social spiders is sealed tight, impossible to penetrate. 

Families will share central web-complexes like the noble houses of the aristocracy, with the young scions ranging far in their hunts. All families are connected to the Line, a length of web connecting all within the Weave's domain, used to pass messages along in the form of subtle vibrations. Hidden meanings and codes are common, as anyone could be listening in. 

Most members are bound in a web unyielding as those they weave. The most common bond is child to parent - great broods of children carrying out the bidding of their mother. The females outnumber the males greatly, and the fathers are not directly involved with the children, although they decide how the Weave develops and grows.

The second bond is that of the client. Like the system of ancient Rome, a favour performed is to be paid back when owed desires it. And so most of the population is double-bound between their mother and their duties as a client. What these favours are is incomprehensible to bipeds, the alien arachnid mind operating in differing patterns.

Occasionally, an outcast of the Weave will capture a Magic User with the ability to speak tongues. The patient, alien mind of the spider will listen to the desperate promises of tutelage. These mage-spiders are terrible, their eight-legged patience perfect for arcane study. These few are welcomed back to the Weave, and have begun teaching others, a powerful favour indeed.

Spider's Spellbooks are hidden amongst the endless webs.

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