Wednesday 15 October 2014

Invoking the Knife Demon

Knife Demons are the essence of function given form. A sleek body, much like that of a fish with a horrific blade instead of a face. The tail shimmers with its near-invisible edge, known for gracefully slicing flesh from bone. The side facing eyes are tiny, appearing more like tiny gems embedded in some exotic weapon than actual organs dedicated to sight. The entire creature is flexible, and cuts through the air with ease, appearing like some twisted fish swimming rapidly regardless of the lack of water. Average specimens are about the length of your forearm.

The speed of the thing is used in combination with blade structure, as the Knife Demon accelerates hard at the designated victim, smashing into them with horrific force. With a flick of its razor-tail (which usually inflicts further wounds) it flees, preparing another strike once significant distance is established. Wounds inflicted by the first attack appear like conventional wounds delivered by a pole-axe or similar weapon, whilst the tail-wounds appear as the work of some demented surgeon possessed with considerable scalpel-skill.

In additional to all this, Knife Demons are also able to camouflage themselves whilst still seeking their target – often appearing as a domestic animal whilst travelling. Once the target has been spotted, the assault begins. Knife Demons attempt to kill until killed or banished, and never re-assume their disguise.

Invoking a Knife Demon involves two major components – an item symbolic of the target and a hunting hound of the finest calibre. The sort of item required is highly personal, and the Knife Demon gives no indication of the target it has determined – only that the invocation has been accepted.  Items which have shown the most success are the jewels of the highly covetous, the holy symbols of the fanatically devout and the weapons of the bloodthirsty.

The hunting hound must be of an established pedigree noted for great success in the hunt. Gender of the dog is irrelevant, but it must have participated in at least one hunt. It is believed that the more hunts the hound has been involved in, the larger the Knife Demon. The skull of the hound must be crushed flat with a hammer, maul etc. whilst the invoker screams until they cannot speak. With this done, the Knife Demon, if the invocation was successful, will burst from the corpse of the hound. It will circle the invoker thrice before assuming its disguise and beginning the hunt. If the invocation was incorrect, such as the invoker still being able to speak or the hound not being of sufficient quality, then the Knife Demon will instead circle twice before brutally killing the prospective invoker.

HD – 2-5, increases by size.
AC – As plate, due to dodging through the air gracefully.
Speed – Flying in true form – As fast as a galloping horse of good quality.
                Animal form – As animal.
Attacks – 1. 1d10 mix of bludgeoning and piercing, whichever is most effective. This attack requires 15 foot distance to be successful. Allows for attack 2 to be performed.

2. 1d6 slashing, the razor tail leaves wounds which do not hurt for some time. Ineffective against plate.

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