Tuesday 23 September 2014

The city braces itself to die

War is in the air, and the urban population breathe deep – a heady scent, which clouds the minds of many…


Though the street urchins don't know it, they can feel the impending devastation. Pickpockets stand around despondent, and gangs attempt to make amends rather than continue their rivalries.
An in-the-know merchant is selling dodgy goods he picked up basically free, but is selling for extorted prices in the rush for supplies.
Many are turning to a new fad-religion which celebrates raucous partying, especially before important events. This is probably not a ploy by the invading force, but simply poor luck for the defenders.
The animals know, and are streaming out. Dog rubs shoulder with cat, cat with mouse.
High profile, street-court in progress. The accused will hang if found guilty, but if the prosecution cannot convict he will hang instead. People love the show either way.
Someone is stealing cobblestones, but only from main streets. This causes havoc from all the outgoing traffic.


  1. The cobblestones killed my sides

    1. I love the idea of the BRAVE ADVENTURERS breaking into some basement and it's just fucking full of cobblestones. For no reason, just cobblestones stacked somewhat neatly in a dank basement, probably protected by death traps and shit


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